Sunday, January 30, 2011

Luv Ya Bunches

Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle is a great book.  It is fun to read and a very realistic rendition of four 5th grade girls' school experience.  Narrated in turn by its four main characters, (Katie Rose, Yasaman, Camilla and Violet) Luv Ya Bunches accurately conveys how horrible friendship troubles can be.  The author's fun and unique writing style will make readers will find themselves very into the story, rooting for each character in turn.  It is not hard to read at all.  I would recommend this book to 5th and 6th grade readers who like reading realistic books.  If you enjoyed this book, you will probably like its sequel, Violet In Bloom.  You may also want to check out other books by Lauren Myracle, such as the Winnie Years series, or the Internet Girls series.  If you have not read this already, go out and read it!

Hi, Welcome all book lovers!

Hey, welcome to my blog.  I love to read and enjoy realistic fiction, historical fiction and fantasy books.  Some of my favorite books are Jacky Daydream by Jaqueline Wilson, Queens Own Fool by Jane Yolen, and Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle.  I admire authors like Jane Austen, for daring to become a girl author when there weren't too many.  I choose Scout, from To Kill A Mockingbird to be my avatar for this blog because she loved to read.  On this blog you can find reviews of books that I have read.  I hope you enjoy!