Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Fun Word Game

Hi!  This doesn't really have to do with books, but it's fun and easy, so I thought you'd like it!  Enjoy!

This game is just about rearranging the letters in words.  Find a long, or even short word (or two) and start working.  You don't have to have only one word in your rearranging, it can be as many words as you like.  If you want to make the game easier find a word with lots of vowels.  It can be played with one player, but it is especially fun with two or three, competing to see who can make the best set of new works. 

Example: Panini's could become Ian's pins.  Or something else! Give it a try. 

This is a super fun game, and also a good thing to play when waiting for your food to come at a restaurant.  You can use words from the menu.  (I got Ian's pins from a museum cafe.)  So, you should definately try out this fun game.  (An official boredom stopper. )  If you think of anything good, (or even something not so good) I'd love to know!   Post it in comments.  Here is a word for you to try.  Remember to use all the letters!  Try out:  Marscarpone.  (It's a type of dessert cheese.)  Have fun!