Sunday, April 10, 2011

Discover Yourself in Other Characters

    When reading the book ttyl by Lauren Myracle (also the author of Luv Ya Bunches, a book that I have previously posted on) of the Internet Girls series, I reflected on the characters of Maddie, Angela and Zoe, the three best friends that the book is about. 
    Zoe is the smart one, always getting straight A's.  She's also the good girl, least likely to do something daring or that would possibly get her in trouble.  Angela cares about clothes, makeup and boys; in other words, she is the cliche high school girl.  She's friendly and bubbly and caring.  Maddie is wild.  Shes tough, and she won't let anyone mess with her, or her friends. 
     When I read about these three girls, I thought about my personality.  I couldn't decide which girl I would be.  I'm not constantly worrying about being tough, like Maddie, or afraid to take risks, like Zoe.  Like Maddie, I'm not okay with anyone being mean to my friends, and like Angela, I am caring.  I have a little bit of all of them.  I think that anybody who reads this would feel the same.
     You can learn a lot from books like this.  You can learn about who you are.  You may think that you know your personality, that you know what you're like.  You may be right.  But next time you pick up a book, envision yourself in each character and discover more about what kind of a person you are, and what kind of a person you want to be.  

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  1. Scout: I think I might like to read this book. I'm trying to figure out if I'm more like Angela, Zoe, or Maddie. What do you think? Or, am I too a mix of all three. Elizabeth