Sunday, May 11, 2014

Recalling on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great time to bond with your mom--if that involves the two of you walking four miles up the Hudson, so be it.  Today made me remember an important experience that I had as a little kid with my mom, which was reading together.  I recollected on the books we used to read and realized that all of them, even the small child books, are still favorites now.  Thanks, mom!  Here are the books that we read:
1.  The Winnie The Pooh books.  My favorite was, clearly, Piglet, hers was Eeyore.  "Thanks for noticin'." These books are gems.
2. The Mary Poppins books.  I've already raved about these, so I'm not going to do it again, but Mary Poppins is behind some of my teenage fantasies--if only I could sing a song and my room would just me clean!  Where do I get a Mary Poppins?
3.  Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy by Jean Webster.  Amazing mother-daughter reads right here. Judy is lovable as a 1910s college girl in Daddy Long Legs, and in its not-quite-sequel Sallie takes on the role of an orphanage superintendent.  Both are epistolary novels, so I can definitely trace my fondness for those back here. 
4.  And, obviously, the Mother Daughter Book Club books by Heather Vogel Frederick.  There just kept being more and more of these, didn't there?  Wow.  
Happy Mother's Day, everyone!  

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