Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi everyone!  After my LONG absence from the blogging scene (and I hope I haven't scared away any followers) I've decided on a new approach to blogging: I'm going to feature short blog posts for every book I read that I've deemed awesome enough to be showcased here.  This is the first book for this year that makes the cut- Remarkable, by Lizzy K. Foley.

Remarkable is about a town named Remarkable where everything is-yep, you guessed it!-remarkable.  Everything except Jane.  In a place where everyone is special in some way, Jane is the odd one out--she's the only person at her elementary school, where every day she sees the gifted school out the window.  The gifted school is where all the special children go (or, in other words, everyone) and every day she wishes she went there too.

In Remarkable, the new bell tower is about to open and everyone is excited.  But Jane's grandfather knows that the bells must never ring, and he'll do anything he can to prevent them from playing.

One of the many things about this book that impressed me was how the author juggled an incredible range of topics without making anything in the book seem ridiculous.  The story goes from pirates to sea monsters to fortune telling pizza makers.  I'd never read anything like that.  Another thing were the realistic characters-it must have been something in the writing, because I swear I could picture Jane right next to me.

Overall this book gets nothing but praise from me.  I would recommend it to readers looking for a new type of book or in the process of recovering from a more serious book and would like a lighter read.  Also as a mostly realistic fiction reader I'm sure realistic fiction readers would enjoy this too.

I hope you decide to give Remarkable a try!  I loved it and I hope you do too.  Comment to let me know if you like it!  Also, to find out more about the author go to her website,

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  1. I would give any book written by someone named Lizzy a second look. Scout, I think your blog is pretty remarkable. Thanks for the recommendations.