Friday, November 11, 2011

True(...Sort Of) by Katherine Hannigan

This is a great book that I read recently.  It deals with some tough issues but was also a delightfully carefree story.  It was written by Katherine Hannigan, the author of another great book, Ida B

Delaware Pattison has always been a trouble maker (In some people's opinion) but lately she's taken a turn for the worse.  The always smiley child is tired of being yelled at for well-meaning things.  She starts fighting and the smile is replaced by a smirk.  Then she meets Ferris Boyd, the girl who doesn't talk and can't be touched.  There is a definite aura of mystery around this girl, but Delly and Ferris quickly develop a strange friendship.  It isn't long before Delly discovers the man in the green Impala who is Ferris's father, and Delly realizes that her friend who cannot be touched has been abused.

This book is intense and deep but it was a really touching and sweet story, made so by the little details added by Katherine Hannigan that made the story so special.  An example of this is Novello, the boy who "hates" Delly but really loves her.  He is a hilarious character and broke the ice a little.  Another detail like that is Galveston, Delly's older sister who is Delly's rival.  Their little fights are funny and perfectly channel what it's like to have an older sibling.

This was a very worthwhile read, and I urge you to try it.  I would recommend it to someone who isn't afraid to think about tough stuff, and someone who is in touch with their inner child! I hope you try it!

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  1. I am interested in reading this book. Will get a copy at the library on my next visit. Thank you.